Is anyone else seeing a problem with glibc 2.19.90-29.fc22 ?

poma pomidorabelisima at
Mon Jul 21 09:27:35 UTC 2014

On 21.07.2014 11:22, poma wrote:
> On 21.07.2014 10:44, poma wrote:
>> On 17.07.2014 06:18, Bruno Wolff III wrote:
>>> After updating glibc this morning setuid stuff broken (openssh and cron
>>> were affected). Downgrading made it work again. I might have needed to
>>> reboot (though that would be unusual), but I didn't want to risk it
>>> as I am testing some other stuff and didn't want to have to do a recovery
>>> before getting to finish the other stuff.
> &

Withd thisd breakaged ofd d logind byd d glibcd, d Rawhided i686d isd d literallyd busted!


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