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poma pomidorabelisima at gmail.com
Tue Jul 22 18:32:40 UTC 2014

On 22.07.2014 15:26, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> On Sat, 2014-07-19 at 09:17 +0200, poma wrote:
>>> For Fedora purposes we treat GNOME Shell and GNOME Classic as two
>>> separate desktops; Classic has approximately the same status as Xfce or
>>> LXDE, we ship it and some people use it, but we don't guarantee testing
>>> or require it to meet specific standards to ship.
>> I was referring to the technical aspect of it.
>> If anything it's good to know.
> GNOME Classic gets the same automatic smoketesting upstream as GNOME,
> and seems to be working just fine:
> http://build.gnome.org/continuous/buildmaster/builds/2014/07/22/28/smoketest-classic/work-gnome-continuous-x86_64-runtime/screenshot-final.png

Unable to complete install: 'invalid argument: Backing file '/srv/ostree/ostbuild/work/images/current/gnome-continuous-x86_64-runtime.qcow2' of image '/pool/testoverlay-gnome-continuous-x86_64-runtime.qcow2' is missing.'

Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "/usr/share/virt-manager/virtManager/asyncjob.py", line 91, in cb_wrapper
     callback(asyncjob, *args, **kwargs)
   File "/usr/share/virt-manager/virtManager/create.py", line 1787, in do_install
   File "/usr/share/virt-manager/virtinst/guest.py", line 403, in start_install
   File "/usr/share/virt-manager/virtinst/guest.py", line 467, in _create_guest
     dom = self.conn.createLinux(start_xml or final_xml, 0)
   File "/usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/libvirt.py", line 2897, in createLinux
     if ret is None:raise libvirtError('virDomainCreateLinux() failed', conn=self)
libvirtError: invalid argument: Backing file '/srv/ostree/ostbuild/work/images/current/gnome-continuous-x86_64-runtime.qcow2' of image '/pool/testoverlay-gnome-continuous-x86_64-runtime.qcow2' is missing.

How do I test this?


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