Interesting debugging experiences Fedora 21 on real hardware

Chuck Forsberg WA7KGX caf at
Thu Jul 24 05:56:19 UTC 2014

Recent yum updates to my server have resulted in an unstable 
At first the problem appeared to be related to the Tigervnc server. VNC 
sessions would
fail quickly.  I ended up force installing Tigervnc from the Heisenbug tree.

With VNC apparently settled down, I saw hard disk errors on various drives.
The solution for that was to fall back to 3.16.0-0.rc4.git2.1.fc21.x86_64. now seems stable.

Meanwhile Fedora 21 and rawhide installs on my test machines ceased to 
boot into
a graphical desktop.  I tried both Gnome and Xfce.  I could get a text 
console but
no desktop.  The current F21 anaconda didn't get to a desktop screen either.

I then replaced the Nvidia FTX 460 on my spare test machine and F21 anaconda
started working.

Since my "ultimate goal" is to get a (relatively) clean F21 on my 
server, I started
experimenting using the Heisenbug netinst.iso with a specified repository of

It would be most useful to be able to specify a copy of the repository 
on a local HD:
/dev/sdd1/fc21/os    - but in the meantime I will have to install over 
the net at a more
leisurely pace.

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