Leaving the project

"Jóhann B. Guðmundsson" johannbg at gmail.com
Tue May 20 13:04:49 UTC 2014

Greetings yo all

With regrets I must say I feel we have grown so fat we are about to 
collapse under our own weight but instead of properly start dealing with 
that within the project, people chose to ignore that fact but instead 
chose to force some future vision of RHEL 8 upon the project under the 
names of .next, products and wg's and constantly attack the solid ground 
what our foundations have stood for and their meaning all those years 
and embark on multiproduct releases based on wrong fundamental 
assumption, without statistical backing up of what they considered being 
the underlying cause for some of their assumptions  and without 
thoroughly thinking things through what needs to be done before being 
able to do that as well as the fact we lack the necessary community 
infrastructure and workflows being in place to remotely being able to 
achieve delivering multiple products in a useful and efficient manner 
based on the resources we have in the project.

And as WG's slowy turn into tiny little empires fighting amongst 
themselves for components directions and maintenance while the owners of 
those components are scratching their head still trying to figure how 
the .next,product and wg proposal affects them, their maintenance and 
where they general fit into that future vision or simply are ignoring it 
which inevitably will result in them suddenly finding themselves being 
slapped by reality and waking up from their slumber when it finally does 
hit them.

Unfortunately I'm not seeing much future or vision in Fedora and it's 
direction anymore and the fact is that I'm failing to convey what needs 
to be fixed in any useful and meaningful way and manner, with the end 
result being that I'm not being heard and at the same time being 
powerless in fixing things that need fixing within the community. makes 
me part of the problem not the solution for the project and those that 
still believe in it and the direction it is taking as well as to who's 
being lined up to become the project's next leader.

Will, Jon, James,Adam, Kamil, Tim, Peter, John Dulany, Bruno,Chris the 
entire Fedora unity team and bunch of other people that I have probably 
forgotten to mention thank you for for your hard work those 8+ years and 
the pleasure I had working with you.


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