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#152: Consider alternative test case management systems
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 ...and we're still considering it. :)

 Nitrate/TCMS is still a contender, the other major contender we have ATM
 is Moztrap: https://github.com/mozilla/moztrap . Another contender is
 Ubuntu's QATracker, which is more similar in design to the wiki system (I
 suspect they actually started off by more or less cloning our wiki
 design...), but has some significant limitations (it doesn't do
 environments, so they make each arch a separate 'build', the API is
 limited, and tflink isn't a big fan of the architecture in general).

 In the meantime, I made some significant enhancements to the wiki system,
 which I call Wikitcms:


 and built python-wikitcms and relval on top of it:

 which address some of the deficiencies of the wiki system. We do really
 need to look at making Moztrap or Nitrate/TCMS compatible with our
 requirements, though.

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