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#227: Document SOP for acceptance test event
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 this is now all obsolete. We get nightly live and boot.iso from both
 Rawhide and (when it exists) Branched these days, and we have process for
 doing full release validation testing on nightlies; we also do TC1s for
 each milestone much earlier than we did in the days when this ticket was
 under discussion. We don't do anything called 'RATS' any more. We sadly
 don't have actual automated install testing working ATM either, though
 apparently we're getting close to having it in Taskotron.

 Anyhow, there's no action left for this ticket, closing it. The SOP for
 manual release validation is
 https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA/SOP_Release_Validation_Test_Event , it
 covers nightly validation events as well as TCs/RCs.

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