[Fedora-trans-ar] Re: nfs and lvm

Mohammad Ghoniem Mohammad.Ghoniem at univ-ubs.fr
Fri Dec 2 16:12:39 UTC 2005

Assalâmu `alaykom

Thank you Munzir for your kind help.

Some strings would require a discussion such as  :
GFS2 (clustered)
GFS2 (local)

I guess we can translate the words between brackets and leave the acronym.

Another series of strings involve commands such as :
dmsetup command failed. Command attempted: \"%s\" - System Error Message: %s

Here everything except the command "dmsetup" is translated. Is that fine ?

I did not manage to translate strings related to "stripes" and
"inheritance". If you know their standard translation, please advise.

Once we deal with these cases, I will send you an updated version with
the strings left for you to verify or sort out.

wassalâmu `alaykom


P.S : there is no need to put titles in front of my name. Let's keep
things as simple as possible. ;-)

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