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Mon Jul 24 09:54:30 UTC 2006

mmm.. Side talks...I prefer if we could talk over here, but anyway..
You could both brainstorm together about the next steps or define a new
process to follow :)).. whatever type of work you want to decide.
But please inform me when you reach to something.

I got some ideas about pootle, don't know if it's already implemented or not
- Prevent a translator to check in/commit his changes into repository, not
before being reviewed by a Maintainer.
- Build sort of glossary to keep common terms
- Searching facility.

Anyway I don't know my role now.. testing translating or developing a piece
of code.. or is it the time to quit :)

Waiting for your output.


On 7/24/06, Munzir Taha <munzirtaha at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Sunday 23 July 2006 15:56, Sherif AbdElGawad wrote:
> > It will help the Arabic Fedora team to cooperate and work with KACST in
> > order to achieve better translation and Arabic support overall.
> >
> > Can we talk a little bit about how we are intending to work? Also I
> > would like to get better understanding about the Fedora Arabization
> > project and plans moving forward from KACST team.
> I would be happy to answer all your questions. I even called you in your
> cell
> sometime ago but didn't receive a reply and failed to put a message for
> your
> answer machine.
> > Pootle is good tool and if it meets our need I would say let's use it.
> > However I would like to make sure that things will be sync'd
> > periodically. What will be the goal of the translate.foss.org.sa ?
> The goal is to have an easy web interface for translation. Many people
> don't
> like to install new programs and read documents on how to deal with .po
> files. In short it makes translation easier.
> > How
> > we can integrate or add on if needed ?
> I will add you as the maintainer of Fedora project so you would be able to
> upload any files or sync the .po with the new .pot files from the web
> interface without the need of doing msgmerge and the like. I would also be
> able to do the same in case you got busy.
> > who administrate the site ?
> me.
> > > I would also appreciate it if you took a look at
> > > http://translate.sourceforge.net/wiki/guide/translation/arabic_plurals
> > > and commented whether you agree on those rules. A step towards a
> better
> > > translation.
> >
> > This looks good .. Can we also contribute same thing or maintain
> > something on the RH Fedora project page , or maybe just link ?
> Sure feel free add a link or copy the document. Later we would fix the
> plural
> translation in Fedora inshallah. There is also an important issue that
> needs
> to be documented and clarified brought to my intention (by kalila) that
> any
> translator can crash/segfault the application if he is not careful in
> dealing
> with these plural forms.
> > Great start, keep up the good work :)
> Thanks and I would call you later. We consider you our official connection
> with RedHat/Fedora and we would be happy to make good relations and
> cooperation with them and help in or sponsoring some of the projects
> related
> to Arabic. I would be available in my personal channel #munzir at freenode
> the coming days in case you want to catch me to discuss it more. I know
> chatting is much better than emailing in these kinda things.
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