[Fedora-trans-fr] relecture plan de com des RF14

Aurelie Chreng achrg at fedoraproject.org
Fri Dec 17 13:36:38 UTC 2010

Salut !

Voila quelques remarques

*Targeted audience*

Linux users, they already know the Fedora Project quite well and have some
IT knowledge. Early-adopters even innovators, they are always online using
their smartphone and several social networks (twitter, Facebook...), and
they likes gadgets

Enleve tous les "they" c'est plus fluide je pense ... "like gadgets" plutot
que likes

*Cognitive (to promulgate)*

"to explain the positive side of Fedora "

Plutot to explain the advantages
Emotional (to share our love)*

"it is a distribution for every users"

It is a distribution to everybody ?

"Secondary objective: to move contributors closer to the users"

 to strenghten the link between the contributors and the user

*First objective: to expends

"to expend"

*"as well as comming with their laptop or usb dongle for asking the help to
install Fedora! "

as they can come with ... and ask help if needed.


"The communication strategy start the 15th of November and end the 10th of
December. "

starts on November 15th and ends on december 10th


"blogers concerned by the open source way" bloggers interested by the open

"This concern the use of the public opinion leaders strategy (very important
for the IT)"

This is about the use of the public opinion ... ?

"without the need to download it." without downloading it

"The press kit as been sent the 1st of December"

The press kit has been sent on december 1st

Fidelization  plutot que "Fidelisation" en  titre de paragraphe

*Key success factor*
" for sharing and showing the work in progress"

 to share and show the work in progress.

"how to improve next ones" how to improve the next one


"recruit contributor." recruit new contributors

"As this event was during a monthly one" ca il faudrait reformuler mais sur
le coup je ne vois pas trop

"there where many new users" there were

"it would be better to do it during two days"
It would be better to have a two day event

"but that should be done for the next event. "

might be done je pense

J'espere que cela pourra t'aider.

Le 17 décembre 2010 05:39, Kévin Raymond <shaiton at fedoraproject.org> a écrit
> Salut à vous,
> Quelqu'un veut bien relire notre plan de com[1] afin que je puisse
> envoyer le rapport sur les RF14 ?
> Cette page à surtout pour but de présenter ce qu'on a fait, ce qu'on
> en a tiré (plus de texte coté fr) afin de s'en inspirer pour les
> prochaines rencontres.
> Il ne s'agit pas de faire des phrases parfaites, mais bon,  j'imagine
> qu'il y a quelques expressions à corriger...
> merci :)
> [1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Communications%2Bplan%2BF14
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> Kévin Raymond (shaiton)
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