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Kévin Raymond shaiton at fedoraproject.org
Thu Aug 18 14:42:17 UTC 2011

Dominique, je suppose que tu as lu l'info sur la liste de diffusion
générale, au cas où je te transmets :

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From: Yuri Chornoivan <yurchor at ukr.net>
Date: Tue, Aug 16, 2011 at 6:57 PM
Subject: libreport and ABRT
To: Fedora Translation Project List <trans at lists.fedoraproject.org>


It may be useful to note that the new template of libreport [1] (124 new
messages) is borrowing most of its messages from ABRT [2].

So ABRT translation can be used to diminish the number of strings to
translate to 52 messages (even less if TM is used in offline editor).

All this can be done in a few clicks with Lokalize.

Hope this helps.

[1] https://www.transifex.net/projects/p/libreport/resource/master/
[2] https://www.transifex.net/projects/p/fedora-abrt/resource/master/
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Kévin Raymond

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