[Fedora-trans-fr] Question..

Joel Beaudoin fedora.qc at hotmail.fr
Thu Nov 17 16:25:43 UTC 2011

.diff -> http://fpaste.org/jnbI/
modifié -> http://fpaste.org/qhtw/
original -> http://fpaste.org/zp4H/

Dans le .diff il manque:

msgid ""
"%s: check alignment of virtual machine partitions\n"
"Copyright (C) 2011 Red Hat Inc.\n"
"  %s [--options] -d domname\n"
"  %s [--options] -a disk.img [-a disk.img ...]\n"
"  -a|--add image       Add image\n"
"  -c|--connect uri     Specify libvirt URI for -d option\n"
"  -d|--domain guest    Add disks from libvirt guest\n"
"  --format[=raw|..]    Force disk format for -a option\n"
"  --help               Display brief help\n"
"  -q|--quiet           No output, just exit code\n"
"  -v|--verbose         Verbose messages\n"
"  -V|--version         Display version and exit\n"
"  -x                   Trace libguestfs API calls\n"
"For more information, see the manpage %s(1).\n"

Non ?? :-\

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