[Fedora-trans-list] A fresh start for Turkish translations

Bahadır Yağan bahadir.yagan at mentorsystem.com
Mon Jan 5 07:56:43 UTC 2004

Görkem Çetin wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there anyone on the list volunteering for the Turkish (tr) 
> localization of Fedora?
> This process was carried on by Nilgün Belma Bugüner, however she's 
> quitted this job. I'm currently acting as KDE, GNOME and OpenOffice.org 
> localization leader and would like to restart with Fedora specific 
> applications ASAP.
> Please let me know how we can proceed further. I already have a CVS 
> account to commit the files, but we have no e-mail list yet.
> Thanks
> Görkem

I also would like to join you for the Turkish localization.

Bahadır Yağan
Mentor Mühendislik
(312) 266 73 68

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