[Fedora-trans-list] How to test translations?

Josep Puigdemont baldrick at terra.es
Thu Jan 8 07:14:36 UTC 2004


  Does anyone know how can we do tests for our translated modules?

What I would mostly like to test is the installation, so we can be sure
about the context of the strings, that they fit on screen, that they are
understandable, etc...

I suppose I could build my own CDs (I think there are posts on devel
mailing list on how to do that), and just install Fedora again, but I am
sure there must be a simpler way to test this, right? This looks way too
tedious... :)

I also collaborate with the GNOME translation project, and what I do to
test my translations before committing them to CVS is to produce de
".mo" file from the translated ".po" with:
msgfmt -cv file.po
which outputs a binary "messages.mo" file, that I place with the right
name, in normally this directory (in my system):
And then run the application, which will load the new messages.

Could something similar be done for Fedora at installation time? How
does other teams test it? Or better, how does Red Had test it? (If I may
ask :)

Thanks a lot!


P.S.: People willing to collaborate with the Catalan translation of
Fedora, please visit:

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