[Fedora-trans-list] to the Dutch translators...

Peter van Egdom p.van.egdom at chello.nl
Sun Jan 18 22:36:06 UTC 2004

Op zo 18-01-2004, om 19:45 schreef Gregory Petit:
> Hello,
> can someone of the Dutch translators take a look at redhat-config-squid?
> There're 14 strings left, but I don't know how to translate them.
> Thanks in advance,
> Gregory

Hello Gregory,

I took a look at the remaining untranslated strings in
redhat-config-squid nl.po and did an attempt to translate them.

The tricky part is that Red Hat (or The Fedora Project) does not carry a
redhat-config-squid program (it will probably called system-config-squid
in the future) in Raw Hide at the moment, so it's difficult to see how
the translations work out inside the program.

Anyway, thanks for doing the hard part.


Peter van Egdom <p.van.egdom at chello.nl>

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