[Fedora-trans-list] Including Bangla OT Fonts.

Tino Meinen a.t.meinen at chello.nl
Tue Jan 20 01:27:31 UTC 2004

Op ma 19-01-2004, om 08:19 schreef Jamil Ahmed:
> btw, Owen replied my 1st mail with some issues and concerns.
> but didn't replied my respose.

You could try resending.

High profile hackers like Owen recieve hundreds, or up to a thousand
emails a day.
Sometimes a message can be lost in this pool of emails.

However, resending a message will increase their mailcount even further.
So, it's a mixed bag.

There was a very long thread on desktop-devel-list recently, about a
similar issue dealing with ignored bugzilla entries with patches.

Try to wait first and give him some time to reply, then perhaps resend.
How long to wait is up to you to estimate.

Tino Meinen

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