Translation tools for Fedora Project

Barzilay, David barzilay at
Fri Jan 23 05:41:54 UTC 2004

Hi Jatin,

Thanks for your quick response!

By now, I'm taking note of your suggestion, and will get back to you if 
we need further assistance.


Jatin Nansi escreveu:

> Hi david,
> I have some experience in translating po files to indic languages and 
> till recently KDE (and so Kbabel) did not support indic languages well.
> I have had good experience with Poedit - which has a dependency on 
> wxGTK (linked to gnome 2 libs).
> If you would like rpms, i can send you my builds.
> Jatin
> Barzilay, David wrote:
>> Hello Everyone!
>> For those who don't know me, I'm the Brazilian Portuguese translator 
>> at Red Hat Brisbane, Australia.
>> We are putting together some translation tools, so we can provide a 
>> well-compiled guide for new people willing to translate the Fedora 
>> Project.
>> There are some must-have tools nominated below, but we'd like to know 
>> what else you think should be approached in these translation tools 
>> (please, have in mind the Linux and Fedora Project newbies):
>> - CVS
>> - Kbabel
>> - PO format
>> Thanks for listening!
>> Cheers,

David Barzilay
Technical Translator - Brazilian Portuguese
Red Hat Asia-Pacific 	+61 7 3514.8116

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