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Rodolfo M. Raya rodolfo at
Fri Jan 23 01:37:58 UTC 2004

On Fri, 2004-01-23 at 01:57, Barzilay, David wrote:
> Hello Everyone!


> We are putting together some translation tools, so we can provide a 
> well-compiled guide for new people willing to translate the Fedora Project.
> There are some must-have tools nominated below, but we'd like to know 
> what else you think should be approached in these translation tools 
> (please, have in mind the Linux and Fedora Project newbies):
> - CVS
> - Kbabel
> - PO format

I use Heartsome XLIFF Translation Editor, a tool produced by my company.
This tool works in Linux, Windows and Mac.

I talked to my bosses and they agree on releasing a special free version
for people working on open source projects like Fedora

Standard version of our editor has the following features:

      * Support for TMX (Translation Memory eXchange) databases using
        MySQL, Firebird, HSQL open source databases (supports commercial
        databases too).
      * Terminology databases that allow Phrase Translation
      * True Multilingual. We use it to translate into 36 languages,
        including double byte ones (Chinese/Japanese/Korean) and
        bidirectional (Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew - Windows only).
      * Aspell integrated as spell checker plugin. 
      * Supports PO and DocBook format (and several more). Translations
        can be reused on PO files, documentation and web sites. 
      * Uses colours to show the differences between the source text and
        the text gathered from the database. Also uses colours to mark
        text match quality.
      * Uses standard formats (XLIFF, TMX, etc) that can be used in
        other professional translation tools.

TMX and Terminology databases can be accessed from the Internet. If
multiple translators are working on the same language this helps a lot
in keeping consistency.

If enough people is interested, I can prepare a special version (with
some limitations) in rpm format. I could also setup a special public
database repository for Fedora translations in our servers.

Disclaimer: the translation editor mentioned above is a commercial
product. I'm offering a special free version for non-commercial use.
This a contribution to the Fedora community without obligations.

Rodolfo M. Raya <rodolfo at>
Heartsome Holdings Pte.Ltd. 

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