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Sun Jan 25 06:56:11 UTC 2004

Simos Xenitellis,

    I've got another one :

    Its UI looks cool in winxp.

======= 2004-01-24 23:12:34 Quote from your mail =======

>Give emphasis to the Translation memories (for po translations at
>KBabel/poEdit/gtranslator have their own systems for translation
>memories, along with gettext (look for "compendium" in the latest
>gettext documentation). I am not sure about their relationship and
>On Fri, 2004-01-23 at 12:57, Barzilay, David wrote:
>> Hello Everyone!
>> For those who don't know me, I'm the Brazilian Portuguese translator at 
>> Red Hat Brisbane, Australia.
>> We are putting together some translation tools, so we can provide a 
>> well-compiled guide for new people willing to translate the Fedora Project.
>> There are some must-have tools nominated below, but we'd like to know 
>> what else you think should be approached in these translation tools 
>> (please, have in mind the Linux and Fedora Project newbies):
>> - CVS
>> - Kbabel
>> - PO format
>> Thanks for listening!
>> Cheers,
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