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Respected Sir,
 Hello, I am Dr.S.V.LALE, working as a medical officer at Primary health
centre, Shankarnar, Taluka-Malshiras, District- Solapur, Maharashtra.
         The Marathi version should be useful for 50% of maharashtrians who
don’t know English script & can only write & speak Marathi. Intentionally I
neither referred to dictionary nor consulted professors of Marathi
literature. I have not translated the words in literal sense; but described
the action, the command in question performs. Marathi in Maharashtra is not
homogenous either. Varhadi, Khandeshi, Konkani, Vidarbhi, Marathwadi are its
different variations. But commonly used words are used here. I am trying to
exchange Pundit’s word with those of Bolibhasha.
          Further Thesaurus, synonyms, spell check is also equally important
 Please give me a chance to contribute there also.
         Waiting for your reply.Please do mail me.
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