Annoucement: New translation status page is installed

hutuworm hutuworm at
Tue Jun 22 05:23:03 UTC 2004

Sarah Wang,

	I've taken anaconda/po/zh_CN.po on the web, but...
[root at hutuworm anaconda]# cvs ci -m "update by hutuworm @ 20040621" zh_CN.po 
Testing zh_CN.po...
[anaconda/po/zh_CN.po] is not assigned to you.
**** Access allowed: hutuworm is in ACL for anaconda/po.
cvs server: Pre-commit check failed
cvs [server aborted]: correct above errors first!

======= 2004-06-22 11:15:01 Quote from your mail =======

>Hello all,
>The new translation status page has been installed:
>You will notice that there is a new column called "Availability" for
>each package. It either says "Finished" (if the translation is 100%) or
>has a "Take" button (if the translation is not 100%). This feature is
>designed to minimise the commit conflicts and better coordinate the
>translation activity within the same language group. If you wish to
>finish the translation of a package, just click "Take" button, fill in
>your login and password. Then you will be able to finish and commit the
>translation to cvs. All cvs account holders should have received or soon
>to receive information about login name and password.
>Please feel free to ask if you have any questions and encountered any
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