Annoucement: New translation status page is installed

Sulyok Peti sp at
Tue Jun 22 16:25:27 UTC 2004

2004-06-22, k keltezéssel 05:15-kor Sarah Wang ezt írta:
> The new translation status page has been installed:
> You will notice that there is a new column called "Availability" for
> each package. It either says "Finished" (if the translation is 100%) or
> has a "Take" button (if the translation is not 100%). This feature is
> designed to minimise the commit conflicts and better coordinate the
> translation activity within the same language group. If you wish to
> finish the translation of a package, just click "Take" button, fill in
> your login and password. Then you will be able to finish and commit the
> translation to cvs. All cvs account holders should have received or soon

Does this take-over mechanism work on finished files?
E.g. when somebody wants to correct some recently found typos in a
"Finished" translation, is take-over needed and possible?


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