Annoucement: New translation status page is installed

Christian Rose menthos at
Tue Jun 22 22:49:20 UTC 2004

tis 2004-06-22 klockan 10.27 skrev Youcef Rabah Rahal:
> > Please feel free to ask if you have any questions and encountered any
> > problems.
> On the status page for each translated PO file, there's a field 'Translator' 
> which is not clear. I understand that 'Last translator' is grabbed from the 
> PO file (and I checked that the names there are OK regarding Arabic 
> translation).
> However, for dist.po I'm not sure how the fields are filled. I simply don't 
> know the person whose name is put under 'Translator' nor that he ever 
> participated in translation ? :-) Since he has a redhat email, i suppose this 
> is some quality control ??!

I'm also confused by the "Translator" field. For the anaconda sv.po,
it's filled in with a name I've never heard of before. Even worse, this
person's e-mail address is a Danish one, and the domain part is a very
dirty word in Swedish...

Since 2000, I've been working from scratch on doing translations for Red
Hat and now Fedora, with the goal of keeping them high quality and 100%
for every release. We're currently two persons doing this work, and
we've managed to do exactly this for a *lot* of releases by this time.
We've recieved quite a lot of positive feedback about the quality, too.

Thus it's not really exciting to see that any random bozo can suddenly
take over control over a Swedish translation and fill in dirty words.
I'm not amused.


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