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Bernd Groh bgroh at
Wed Jun 23 00:55:43 UTC 2004

Christian Rose schrieb:

>tis 2004-06-22 klockan 10.27 skrev Youcef Rabah Rahal:
>>>Please feel free to ask if you have any questions and encountered any
>>On the status page for each translated PO file, there's a field 'Translator' 
>>which is not clear. I understand that 'Last translator' is grabbed from the 
>>PO file (and I checked that the names there are OK regarding Arabic 
>>However, for dist.po I'm not sure how the fields are filled. I simply don't 
>>know the person whose name is put under 'Translator' nor that he ever 
>>participated in translation ? :-) Since he has a redhat email, i suppose this 
>>is some quality control ??!
>I'm also confused by the "Translator" field. For the anaconda sv.po,
>it's filled in with a name I've never heard of before. Even worse, this
>person's e-mail address is a Danish one, and the domain part is a very
>dirty word in Swedish...

That would be the person who currently has anaconda assigned.

>Since 2000, I've been working from scratch on doing translations for Red
>Hat and now Fedora, with the goal of keeping them high quality and 100%
>for every release. We're currently two persons doing this work, and
>we've managed to do exactly this for a *lot* of releases by this time.
>We've recieved quite a lot of positive feedback about the quality, too.
>Thus it's not really exciting to see that any random bozo can suddenly
>take over control over a Swedish translation and fill in dirty words.
>I'm not amused.

Do you want me to not give someone access because s/he's got a danish 
email address and the domain name is a dirty word? Regardless of how 
fluent this person may be in swedish, and how much this person would 
like to participate? Do you know for a fact that this persons 
translations are bad? If so, let me know, and I disable this persons access.

I understand what you're saying, but I cannot at all agree with it in a 
general sense. If you wish, I can make you the maintainer of every 
swedish file, then you will even be notified if anyone commits a swedish 
file. And while in a few languages it may be reasonable to not just give 
anyone cvs access, in a lot it isn't, since there is noone who could 
judge who should have access and who shouldn't. I personally prefer to 
trust anyone to do the right thing by default, and if they don't, well, 
let me know.

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