Annoucement: New translation status page is installed

Pedro Fernandes Macedo webmaster at
Wed Jun 23 03:49:41 UTC 2004

Bernd Groh wrote:

> I did this on request from a lot of people within the community, and I 
> believed their reasoning to be very valid.

Just to add my opinion, this idea is useful. The pt_BR team was doing 
something similar using the mailing list and a website and a structure 
like this saves a lot of work...

>>   What if it never gets finished? Or never released, or someone else can
>> translate it faster, or if it contains errors? Or if it does't use the
>> same terminology/style as other translations?
> If it doesn't get finished in time, we'll release it. If somone else 
> can translate it faster, so what? And I don't think all the other 
> problems are to be associated with the new system, you have the same 
> problems without it. 

How will you define the automatic release interval (if you are going to 
implement this)?  One possible problem I can imagine is that when the 
strings freeze date comes closer , a auto-release should happen faster 
than during the rest of the development. Maybe a 1 week release interval 
and a 2 day interval during development phase?

> Why? Why does the new system keep you from communicating with other 
> translators in your language?
It doesn't.. The only problem I saw is that the pages don't show any 
details on how to contact the other translators.. Maybe each page could 
have something like  "To contact the X translation team , send a e-mail 
to fedora-trans-X at redhat dot com."  . The only place that mentions 
the mailing lists is , 
so a reminder would be useful...

>>  As for our team (10-15 persons), the procedure is basically to assign
>> a module to someone in the team, let him/her translate it, and finally
>> post the translation to our list so everybody can review it, making sure
>> the right terminology is used, and that there are no spelling or grammar
>> errors, etc, and finally we commit it. Even with all this, errors occur,
>> but many are hunted prior to the commit. We solve problems by having a
>> coordinator, and a page with who is translating what, and status, much
>> like your status page, but ours is crappier :)
>> It is true that with the new system this can also be done, but it might
>> not be enforced.
> Who is actually commiting the files? Only the coordinator?
Probably. Or any other person who has CVS access. This is probably like 
what we had on the pt_BR team. Just before the string freeze for FC2 , 
the creation of cvs accounts was suspended for a time... While a few of 
the translators (including me) were waiting for an account, one person 
from the team sent the .po files to the mailing list , we translated and 
sent it back to him so he could commit the changes.

>> And just out of curiosity, are new maintainers automatically subscribed
>> to the translation list at fedora-trans-list at
> No.

It would be interesting if the new mantainers got an e-mail reminding 
them of the mailing list... Maybe something like "All the changes to the 
translation system and discussion about translation bugs happen on 
fedora-trans-list at redhat dot com, so it's reccomended that you join 
this mailing list , along with the mailing list for your specific 
translation project , which is fedora-trans-X at redhat dot com" or 
something like that...

Pedro Macedo

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