Annoucement: New translation status page is installed

Sharuzzaman Ahmat Raslan sharuzzaman at
Wed Jun 23 14:15:16 UTC 2004

Pedro Fernandes Macedo wrote:
> How will you define the automatic release interval (if you are going to 
> implement this)?  One possible problem I can imagine is that when the 
> strings freeze date comes closer , a auto-release should happen faster 
> than during the rest of the development. Maybe a 1 week release interval 
> and a 2 day interval during development phase?

I would prefer 24 hours release on normal development phase and 1 hour 
on approaching (2 weeks before) deadline.

Currently, I'm doing Take, Commit, Release style, where I only take when 
I'm ready to commit, committing the changes, and then releasing it back 
after commit. By doing that, other translator will have the opportunity 
to translate, and it's not totally assigned to me only.

Sharuzzaman Ahmat Raslan

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