Blagoja Gjakovski blgj at
Mon Jun 21 10:43:08 UTC 2004

First, I'm not very experienced in working with CVS.
I have a problem with adding anaconda support for Macedonian language. I get the anaconda.pot file from cvs, start to translate, and after that I send it to cvs like mk.po file. There was no problem.
The problem occurs when I get the lang-table file from cvs, insert this line for Macedonian support
Macedonian	mk	latarcyrheb-sun16	mk_MK.UTF-8	mk		Europe/Skopje	mk_MK.UTF-8
and when I try to send it to cvs, an error appears and tells me that this file is not for translation. Can somebody insert this line to lang-table file please?
Which other files from anaconda cvs do I have to edit for inserting Macedonian support?

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