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Wed Jun 23 23:50:53 UTC 2004

Sharuzzaman Ahmat Raslan schrieb:

> Pedro Fernandes Macedo wrote:
>> How will you define the automatic release interval (if you are going 
>> to implement this)?  One possible problem I can imagine is that when 
>> the strings freeze date comes closer , a auto-release should happen 
>> faster than during the rest of the development. Maybe a 1 week 
>> release interval and a 2 day interval during development phase?
> I would prefer 24 hours release on normal development phase and 1 hour 
> on approaching (2 weeks before) deadline. 

I believe 24 hours on normal development is acceptable, since you should 
do a commit overnight, even if you haven't finished.

> Currently, I'm doing Take, Commit, Release style, where I only take 
> when I'm ready to commit, committing the changes, and then releasing 
> it back after commit. By doing that, other translator will have the 
> opportunity to translate, and it's not totally assigned to me only. 

The use I intended was that first, you check the status pages for 
availability of a module. If it is available, and you intend to 
translate it, you take it. Then you do a cvs up, to make sure you're up 
to date. Then you work on it for as long as you wish, do a commit, and 
release it again if you don't intend to keep working on it for a while. 
If you change your mind and you don't intend to work on it anymore, 
release it straight away. If you only take it before you do a commit, 
you leave a lot of room for conflicts.


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