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Thu Jun 24 00:57:23 UTC 2004

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On Thursday 24 June 2004 01:45, Bernd Groh wrote:

> And that should be reason for me to disable this persons access? Because
> you don't know him?

What's the point of having a coordinator if he/she has no control over the 
team ? :) Anyone can come, take over a module and commit. We are already 
translating many projects: KDE, GNOME, Debian, Mandrake... and we need to 
keep consistency and do quality control (please visit for more 
info). So yes, knowing who is translating what is absolutely needed.

> So far, you've only told me you don't know him, you haven't told me that
> this person is producing bugs you need to fix, and how should I know if
> you don't tell me? Is that the case? Is that person actually messing up
> translations and producing 'bugs'? If so, let me know, and I'll have a
> word with him, and if required disable his access. But I'm not going to
> do that just because you don't know him.

Sorry, seems like there's a misunderstand here. I didn't say the person is 
producting bugs, I called 'bug' the fact that I clicked on dist.po and found 
his name there, without knowing how it arrived there :-) What I said is that 
he never paticipated nor he is paticipating so why his name should be there ? 
(please take a look at the PO headers).

If I understand well, i won't be able to commit as long as he is the 
'Translator', right ? I'll probably have to commit by the end of this week, 
as I usually do (sync'ing repositories). So I won't be able to do so then ?

> If you are the coordinator, and hold the majority of commits, then you
> do have the option of becoming a maintainer. If you chose to do so, you
> are in a position to release the module from the current translator and
> make it available again. If you want to put yourself into that position,
> that is fine with me, but *I* am not going to disallow somebody to
> participate, because somebody else doesn't know him (or her for that
> matter). Question remains, do you know for a fact that this person is
> producing 'bugs'?

Yep, I am the coordinator. And I did not do the majority of commits but _all_ 
of them (there was 7 strings translated when we started, proably some tests). 
I sent a request to become the maintainer. I hope I'll have an answer 
soon :-) If that resolves the problem then OK. What about the 'human factor' 
though ? I mean, everyone (or the majority) on this list know that I'm the 
coordinator of the Arabic translation. Even if I don't post often on the 
list, I send updates from time to time (when we started translation, when we 
did a good deal of work, when we asked for inclusion in FC2...). Everything 
is in the mailing list archives, in the PO headers, in the CVS logs...

For me, that human factor should facilitate resolving such issues, rather than 
dealing with an automatic interface. If someone is publicly known to be the 
coordinator, so why should he/she go through all this process ?

Can anyone please confirm ? :-) Sarah ?

Kind regards,

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Youcef R. Rahal
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