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Thu Jun 24 10:31:08 UTC 2004

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On Thursday 24 June 2004 12:09, Bernd Groh wrote:

> Why the sarcasm, nobody ever said you weren't involved, not even I. I
> simply said, and I believe so did Behdad, that it doesn't give you the
> right to decide who is allowed to translate into Arabic and who isn't.
> And that you've done *all* (somebody please back that up) the commits,
> doesn't change that.

I'm concerned about consistency, task-sharing, avoiding conflicts and QA.

> No, it hasn't. At least not in the way you were proclaiming and Behdad
> was referring to. The new system has the option of assigning a
> maintainer to a certain module, not to an entire language. To assign a
> maintainer to all modules of a language will only be done if somebody is
> willing to be the maintainer of an entire language, and nobody of that
> language objects to it.

OK. I apply to be the maintainer of the entire language. How will you know 
that no one objects to it if they don't susbcribe to the lists ? (seriously, 
no irony).

> Do you misunderstand Behdad on purpose now? Please, Youcef, please tell
> me, how do you know that Sherif simply put in his name, because a new
> system has just been installed and the field was blank? I'd think he
> took the module, because he is translating it. Did that ever occur to
> you? Or do you believe that because you did the majority of
> translations, that you, and not he, should have the right to translate
> the module?

Again, I have NOTHING against him in particular. As stated above, I'm 
concerned bu consisteny, QA... Like I said in another email, I'll contact 
him, no problem. It's just that I wasn't expecting such traffic from a 
'simple' request :)

> What exactly is more important to you, that the translations get done,
> or that you get some credit?

QA, consistency, no conflicts...

> And no, the po header does only list the 
> last translator. Some programs keep previous translators in comments,
> others do not.

In our team we are keen to keep all the names there (check the translated 
POs). And I _personally_ check that constantly. There are even the names of 
people who translated the 7 strings before we started working on it. So 
everyone is there.

> >About the 'human factor': when a new system is installed, it should
> > consider what was already in place in terms of who was doing what. If
> > someone comes by chance and fills a blank field because the system is
> > very recent (and the community is not even aware of such a change yet),
> > then the responsible should say, 'OK sorry, but there's already a team
> > translating, why not contact them first ?'.
> You seem to talk about someone, as opposed to the community? Does that
> mean you do not consider this someone part of the community? What for
> you is the community?

Community: people who are already working on something. Someone: a new comer 
(which will be integrated to the community).

> Then there shouldn't be a problem, right? Again, thank you. :)



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