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I'll make this one short.

>>So why do you believe you have the right to say that Sherif cannot 
>>do any Arabic translations?
>Never said that. I'm saying that newcomers should be directed to a team in 
>case there's one already in place. Very different. Why ? For the reasons I 
>stated above.

Well, why then did you ask me to fix the bug of Sherif being there? 
You've basically asked me to remove him and put you instead. I'd say 
that it pretty much says that you believe you've got more right to 
translate the module than him, and he shouldn't really translate it 
without your permission. Or where did I misunderstand you here?

>>Why don't you, even after I told you you 
>>should, send him an email, but instead tell me that him translating the
>>module is a 'bug' and I should fix it?
>As I said above, I'll do.

Thank you, I'm sure all will be resolved now. :)

>Again, will do. But considering the 'human factor', when I sent my first email 
>to this list concerning this topic, I was far from thinking that it would 
>generate all this traffic. I thought it was a 1-sec fix. Obviously, I was 

You see, again, a 1-sec fix? And then you say you've never said he can't 
translate it. He does, and he has the right to commit. Maybe you should 
have emailed him straight away, rather than ask on list to remove him? 
I'd never, since it is not my place to decide on who of a certain 
language has what right. I'm happy to give someone certain additional 
rights under certain conditions, but I'm not going to take away anyone 
rights without a good reason, such as that a person is producing bad 

>>On a last note, if you'd want to argue that I excercise some level of
>>control, it's true, and I use it to make sure as best as I can that
>>everyone who wants to participate can.
>Agreed. I just would like to stress one last time on the ... 'human factor', 
>'human factor', 'human factor', 'human factor',  ;-)) You have to exercice 
>some control. Right. But you have to be aware of the translation teams in 
>place too.

I'd encourage everyone to join a translation team, but you have to 
understand that just because someone doesn't belong to a certain group, 
I am not going to revoke his rights to translate a module.

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