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Thu Jun 24 11:13:11 UTC 2004

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On Thursday 24 June 2004 12:32, Bernd Groh wrote:

> Well, why then did you ask me to fix the bug of Sherif being there?
> You've basically asked me to remove him and put you instead. I'd say
> that it pretty much says that you believe you've got more right to
> translate the module than him, and he shouldn't really translate it
> without your permission. Or where did I misunderstand you here?

No, not about the rights, but about the framework.

> >As I said above, I'll do.
> Thank you, I'm sure all will be resolved now. :)

I hope so :-)

> You see, again, a 1-sec fix? And then you say you've never said he can't
> translate it. He does, and he has the right to commit. Maybe you should
> have emailed him straight away, rather than ask on list to remove him?

Yes, it was a mistake.

> I'd never, since it is not my place to decide on who of a certain
> language has what right. I'm happy to give someone certain additional
> rights under certain conditions, but I'm not going to take away anyone
> rights without a good reason, such as that a person is producing bad
> translations.


> I'd encourage everyone to join a translation team, but you have to
> understand that just because someone doesn't belong to a certain group,
> I am not going to revoke his rights to translate a module.

Not revoke their rights, but before giving them rights, direct them first to 
the language team if any. If there's a problem, like the team not wanting to 
integrate the person for no valid reason, then you should give them access. I 
think you really should consider this. It does not seem to be specific to 
Arabic and other people have expressed concerns about this system too.


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