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NikosX frolix68 at
Thu Jun 24 14:01:38 UTC 2004

Στις 24/Ιούν/2004, ημέρα Πέμπτη και ώρα 16:26, ο/η Sherif Abdelgawad

> Regardless of the my concerns on the translation already made,
> I want to make this clear as Bernd cleared it. No one has the
> right for more traslantion than others or demand to have
> the trasnaltion done his way.

Correct me if i am wrong:
ok its the same thing for kernel developement for example, everyone
has the right to code but i think that he can't take control via web
buttons or commit code unless this code is reviewed by someone
responsible for that.

Start translating is an easy thing and anyone can do it but as you get
deeper in this process you realize that many issues arrive.
The random guy can do damage and put some extra work to those people
that initialy spent their time and continue to care for quality

So i believe that the random guy have to prove he is qualified to do the
job. The gnome model is certainly better for me.

Nikos Charonitakis

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