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Thu Jun 24 15:26:08 UTC 2004

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On Thursday 24 June 2004 15:26, Sherif Abdelgawad wrote:

> Wow .. where did I miss all of that ! Where all that came from?
> I did not know that there was someone active is translating that
> module into arabic. Simply I wanted to contribute. I just wanted
> to get it done.

You're right. Since there no mean on the status page to know there's a team 
working on the module, you couldn't know.

> Youcef, you could have simply sent me email and I would released
> that for you. I am not sure that what you are doing here is
> right. Claiming control and asking for kicking anyone else
> out isn't acceptable.

I'll refer to my previous posts on the subject (about control etc).

> Regardless of the my concerns on the translation already made,
> I want to make this clear as Bernd cleared it. No one has the
> right for more traslantion than others or demand to have
> the trasnaltion done his way. I do have concerns about
> the current translation, but I always belived something is
> better than nothing. My attempt to help as I am arabic
> speaking person is my right.

Of course it's you right. However, since there's already a team in place (OK, 
that you weren't aware of), joining it, contributing and sharing your 
concerns is the best way to do IMHO. Please, if you have concerns about the 
current translation, we'll be more than happy to hear them.

> With all my respect to you, I am surprised to the approach.
> Simple email reaquesting relase would have done it.

That started by an answer to the annoucement, and generated a traffic I wasn't 
expecting. So, yes, it was a mistake from my side. However, you should not 
take that personally. I would have reacted the same if it was another name.

> I am not sure what QA and keeping things organized on
> any other site? I thought the system already in place
> is the one the community should share and use to reach
> what they want. So I am sorry your claims I can not
> understand. So you have no problem for me to translate
> but I have to join you guys @ arabeyes otherwise I should
> keep my hands off because it is yours? I just can not
> understand it.

You are free to translate without joining us (see Bernd's emails on the 
subject). However, we'll be more than glad to have you in the team and hear 
your thoughts and concerns.

> I will release this module and you are more than welcome
> to finish it.


> As for your request to maintain all the arabic translation,
> and as rules stated by Bernd, I myself object for someone
> to control all the translation.

Well, I have been implied in translation for some time now, and I coordinate 
Fedora and Mandrake translations, and experience shows that working in 
organized teams is the best way to do it, and that's how other projects 
organize their translations. In Fedora though, per the new system, you're 
'free' to translate alone ;)

Again sorry if you've been offended, nothing personal. I would have reacted 
the same in case there's was another name in the 'Translator' field, even if 
retrospectively it sounds like it was a mistake.


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