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On Thursday 24 June 2004 16:45, Sherif Abdelgawad wrote:

> I did not say that we should not let someone to finish/maintain work.
> I agree with you that someone should maintain things.

> I think, that the current system is OK and I belive the translation team
> are doing their best to get everything done right. As for the case I was
> commenting on, I was just making it clear that the page was not saying
> there  is a maintainer who maintain this module, so I wanted to contribute
> and  help.

You couldn't know. Now, that you know, you can either contribute by joining 
the team or not joining it.

> I am not sure about the other languages, but for Arabic which what
> I was commenting on, there is quite delicats. Which I think if only one
> person is doing the translation, it would look odd to others. Unless a
> full team of ppl agree and accept one standard, that where my concerns
> are coming from.

Hmm. Not sure I understand ? I'm not translating alone. I'm just the 
coordinator. About the standard, it is being discussed in deep at Arabeyes, 
and involving all the Arabic translators working on GNOME, KDE, Mandrake, 

> I assume that anyone can object, discuss or ask the maintainer to change
> something which will happen my time.

Yup. Did anyone say the contrary ? ;-) You can see the records of long 
discussions on quality of translation on the archives of doc @ arabeyes dot 
org: vocabulary, grammar, sources, etc etc (and to which you can subscribe 
and post).


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