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On Friday 25 June 2004 04:46, Bernd Groh wrote:


> Then what? Well, then we can talk to this person, and if s/he unwilling
> to use the "right" terminology, then we can think of disabling her/his
> account. Btw, I do translate 'Forward' with "Next" if 'Next' is meant,
> and not with "Forward", consistent or not! IMO, it's just plain wrong!
> ;) Just kidding. :)

Not sure this is consistent with the rest. How do you define the 'right' 
terminology if there's no precise framework ? Why should someone be prevented 
from translation if his translations are correct yet using another 
terminology ?


> Noted. A maintainer is, as opposed to the translator, a permanent (well,
> in theory) entity. The maintainer can commit at any time and release the
> assignment of a translator at any time, hence, keep someone from
> comitting. A maintainer is a person who is willing to take
> responsibility for the quality and consistency of a module, a group of
> modules or for an entire language. And while it is a good thing to have
> a maintainer, it is not a requirement. I know you think it should be,
> but that's exactly where we disagree. I believe a translation community
> can function well, even without having a designated maintainer, and
> that's what the system really is made for, to better manage the efforts
> of self-maintained translators.

Yes. A translation community can indeed function very well without having an 
established team and/or maintainer and this is proven everyday. However, when 
there are teams in place, they need to be considered.

A question: this new system has been installed after a request from the 
community, right ? How come many (if not all ?) people on this list are 
surprised ? ;) I don't remember a post on this list introducing the new 
system nor someone posting to request it ? Or are you referring to another 
'community' ?

Some URLs would help. Sorry if I missed something.


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