Fedora and Translation Teams

Sherif Abdelgawad sabdelg at redhat.com
Fri Jun 25 21:05:02 UTC 2004

On Fri, 25 Jun 2004, Mohammed Elzubeir wrote:

> No, read the long emails. Reading it takes a shorter amount of time than
> it takes for you to write this response.

I guess it was mistake to even try to reply, thank .. no need for me to 
read anything. Wasting my time.

> > I went through Mohamed email and I am not sure where all these
> > issues came from? 
> It comes from you objecting for Youcef to become the maintainer of the
> Arabic trasnaltion. What gives YOU the right to object, without giving
> any reasoning? 

I am an arabic speaking person who has the right to object .. Who 
ar YOU to talk like this? I stand to my right to object and 
it is not only me who object , yet it is not me who decide
anyway. You better start talking in better tone. If you still
need to carry a professional conversation. Otherwise do not
even bother to reply to my email.

> And you are suggesitng that Arabeyes does NOT provide this freedom? This
> is a rather unacceptable attack that has no basis and is completely
> uncalled for.

I did not acuse nor attacked arabyes so drop the defencive 
tone here, and focus on the translation effort, after all
this is fedora community not arabeyes community. I am talking
about teams here composed from people regardless if they
belong to certain group or lug.

> Yes, I believe Arabeyes has been doing this for long enough to know
> these steps.

good so discuss the steps you want, tell the ppl here what
you need instead of wasting time on attacking, be objetive,
unless it is a mession that arabeyes.org is to claim it has
all the arabization effort, and you are defencing that.

> > I am not aginst keeping things the same across all modules, 
> > and similar to other translations. For sure will be great
> Oh please. Be against it ;) 

Oh please change your tone or stop reply.

> Ask that question to why anyone would want to join any translation team?
> This is a silly question and it has no meaning. 

Thanks for that.

> If it is because you hate the Arabeyes project 
> (for your own reasons, you are entitled to
> them, so am I, eh?).. and you don't want to be a part of it, but you
> want to translate for fedora... if that is the case, STATE it. In which
> case, just like I told Groh, I would personally prefer if Arabeyes
> withdraws completely from Fedora and wish you happy translating.

If I wanted to do anything I would have done it. I did release
the module once I knew there is _someone_ who still activly
translating it. I could not care less if it is arabeyes represntitive
or normal person. I am entitle to my openion as an arabic speaking
person who would like to contribute in an open source project,
and I am not taking any privilages over here, so stop acusing
me as I never acused arabeyes. My openion about certain group
is my personal openion, and I guess I did not accuse anyone
nor I said ohhh arabeyes bad guys and I do not want to be with 
them. You prove to me everytime by your reply on different
ocusion that I stand right to my openion, such behaviour
and way of talking. 

Are you threatening to leave unless I go away or not
talk over here? I am not sure what is your problem?
It seems you missing something here .. I never attacked
arabeyes here nor acused you guys with anything, I said
I have issues with the translation here, did you ever
care to ask me what are my concerns ? You always jump
to defence blindly first, attacking and talk in such
a way far from being professional. Yet, everytime you
greatly manage to make me regret to even do anything
for the middle east or the arab ppl, or even think
about translation.

Look here and see the emails before you attack .. I had
no idea no intention to do anything , I did claim that
Arabeyes did not translate almost all the po files, 
I found an object which needs translation, oh I have
time now, then I decided to translate it. Took one full
day to check the other translation so that my translation
seems odd. Yet all what I get acusing "that person has
nothing to do with translation" , "that person hates
arabeyes" , "that person did not contribute ..etc"

It was an honest attempt to translate without anything
on my side aginst arabeyes. The min I did read the emails
about someone had that module and wish to finish it, 
I did release it, I did not even aruge that I have it and
he should leave it to me. Now you are jumping here acusing
me with bull. I would appreciate if you forget about me
and just focus on translation if that is the real goal.
If your real goal is Arabeyes to be the organization
which have claim arabization of Fedora & Red Hat just
state this and deal with a professional demand on that.

> > this should be this way. It would be better to be hey
> > why do not we have things this way. 
> Perhaps you missed THIS part?

Perhaps I was totally wrong to even talk here. Wasted 
my time and got accused. Have fun translating and 
maintaing the arabic modules if you wish. 

P.S. if you ever want to reply, drop the tone you are
using. I would appreciate if you just drop the subject
totally and forget that I even posted anything or tried
to translate, enough from my time. Enjoy.



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