If there were translation teams...

Josep Puigdemont josep at imatge-sintetica.com
Sat Jun 26 07:48:43 UTC 2004

On Sat, 2004-06-26 at 08:16, Bernd Groh wrote:
> Josep,
> >If there were translation teams, and I was the coordinator of my team...
> >
> Isn't that the case? Do you want to be the maintainer of all modules for 
> catalan now or not? I haven't heard any objections, so it's yours for 
> the taking. :)

I wanted to ask the other Catalan translators who are not subscribed
here for comments, if they had any objections, etc, in our own mailing
list (fedora at softcatala dot org). Although I haven't done that yet, I
did apply as a maintainer for dist module (I was too lazy to go over all
modules and apply for each one of them).

> >All that... of course, if there were translation teams...
> >
> Well, there are, we know that, don't we? :)

YES, there are! It is just that newcomers will not notice if we don't
tell them (ok, they will notice there's a maintainer, though, but that's
not enough).

> >Briefly, combining teams with the new method have a lot of potential
> >that we should explote.
> >
> >Again, this is only my view, and there might be flaws, if there are I
> >hope you can spot them and tell me :)
> >
> No, I didn't spot any flaws, a lot of your suggestions have already been 
> put in place with the new system. And that exactly is it what puzzles 
> me. Given you've just suggested a lot of things that we've just put in 
> place with the new status pages, why again is it that it is criticized 
> so much? Why even do people say it nullifies existing translation teams? 

Because they are not mentioned at all, nor they seem to be encouraged,
and because if I am a new translator I wouldn't know who to contact to
(GNOME tells me very clearly to check for my team's coordinator). I
don't think that what Christian meant was that teams can not be
implemented, I think he meant that teams are not needed at all, thus
will hardly be created, because you have to consider that translation
teams have lots of translators with the best intentions that get tired
too quickly (at least in my short experience).

> I don't have to get it, or do I? ;)

Note, I don't want to claim this as "my suggestions". This is just what
I could come up with by trying to be constructive, and mixing the "new"
method with the traditional [and sound] teams method. It seems to be
what you had in mind from the beginning, but it wasn't clear to some of
us. But don't forget that all my posts beg for the presence of teams, I
want them badly because I think they are the best way to guarantee
quality and consistency, plus I add that the new system has potential,
and can be useful to the teams, but I don't think it will be good
without them.

> >Bernd: these might be the scriptures you were asking for :)
> >
> Nah, that's pretty much the path I am going, as said, and a lot has been 

If the path you're going is the path we are going, maybe we should also
know what the future plans are, and the direction we're taking.

> implemented with the new upgrade. I simply won't restrict anyone cvs 
> access until we're fully organized, that's all. :)

Ok, why not speed it up a bit, then? How can we help?

Seems to me that the crowds want teams. Then make a poll and check if
that is so, and if it is, let's try to organize teams... Make a call for
team building, or just look who's been committing for each language to
find out who could be a maintainer (ask them to be maintainers, as you
wanted us to ask translators to become part of our teams, I know you
already did), or who could be a member of a team... Look the headers of
the po files for email addresses of translators, see if they are
subscribed here, maybe you could invite them to (maybe thank them for
their work too)...

We should all post what we think the next step should be... it costs
nothing to do, and it will help a lot.

I think that whatever the methodology/system for translations is going
to be, it should be discussed in this list. Like I think this new method
should have been discussed here too before being implemented. I mean, it
is us (translators should be subscribed here) to whom it affect, and yet
we didn't know about it until it appeared (at least I didn't).

So... TRANSLATORS: if you want your views to be listened, speak up.
Nothing that you would like to be implemented will be unless we ask it
for. And for those that can implement things, thanks for doing so! And
please, keep us up to date about the next move, maybe we can improve it,
maybe we can even help with it!

Best regards,


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