Fedora and Translation Teams

Mohammed Elzubeir elzubeir at arabeyes.org
Fri Jun 25 19:47:50 UTC 2004

On Fri, Jun 25, 2004 at 11:04:36PM +1000, Bernd Groh wrote:

DISCLAIMER: This does not represent the views of Arabeyes and are only
my personal views.

> Wow! I am completely and utterly confused now. For the record, the main 
> change that has been undertaken is the [Take], [Release] mechanism, that 
> is to prevent two translators from comitting at the same time. Can 

It also prevents a team to exert control over their language's translation.

> anyone tell me what exactly happened here? *confused* We did not 

What happened here is that I have been watching Youcef get ridiculed and
treated as if he is the sole translator of Fedora, and as if he wants
total control of the translation for himself. For your information, Dr.
Groh, this is not the case. There is a large team that stands behind
Youcef. If there are a couple members (some of which are redhat
employees) who feel that Arabeyes is not worthy of translating Fedora,
then so be it. I would personally propose to Arabeyes to drop its
efforts with Fedora and let the chaos ensue.

> introduce any new policy, we merely, as said, implemented a mechanism to 
> prevent two translators from comitting at the same time. And one thing I 

Read above -- it does more than just prevent two translators from
committing at the same time.

> should mention, since I am not clear whether it is clear or not, though 
> it should be, what I am saying here on list is *not* Fedora policy, it 
> is *my* opinion. I believe in my opinion and in my right to state it, 
> that I've implemented this new system for the Fedora project has 
> absolutely nothing to do with it.

And I am telling you that this system is a bad system. You should
consider looking at how other projects have successfully been doing

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