Fedora and Translation Teams

Mohammed Elzubeir elzubeir at arabeyes.org
Fri Jun 25 19:56:00 UTC 2004

On Fri, Jun 25, 2004 at 01:18:27PM -0400, Sherif Abdelgwad wrote:
> First, I am just a stating *my own* openion here and it is 
> not *fedora* openion or redhat.

DISCLAIMER: The following does NOT represent Arabeyes' views in any way,
shape or form. These are my personal views and I stand 100% by them.

> I am getting confused and lost in the long emails. Can Mohamed or
> Youcef please explain in short email, in points : what are the

No, read the long emails. Reading it takes a shorter amount of time than
it takes for you to write this response.

> problems as I failed to follow all long emails here. I do not
> see any changes in the policys, the only thing happened was
> to prevent multiple translators committing changes at same time.

No, that's not all tha thas happened. Read my response to Groh.

> I went through Mohamed email and I am not sure where all these
> issues came from? 

It comes from you objecting for Youcef to become the maintainer of the
Arabic trasnaltion. What gives YOU the right to object, without giving
any reasoning? 

> I belive that by people establish teams here, things will be
> start to shape and take better form. Let me ask first, 
> when Arabeyes started translation, did they have full list
> of things how it should be? Things are still being built and
> taking final shape. I belive in the freedom of allowing 
> people to contribute. 

And you are suggesitng that Arabeyes does NOT provide this freedom? This
is a rather unacceptable attack that has no basis and is completely
uncalled for.

> The main goal I see here is to provide traslation. Is the 
> translation provided by certain people will be final and
> for good? I doubt! To establish a translation first is the
> first step. I belive yet to come a lot of tuning and enhancement.

Yes, I believe Arabeyes has been doing this for long enough to know
these steps.

> I am not aginst keeping things the same across all modules, 
> and similar to other translations. For sure will be great

Oh please. Be against it ;) 

> to have team like Arabeyes team to contribute. Yet, why
> assuming anyone else who would like to contribute would
> cause a mess because s/he decided not to be part of Arabeyes. 

Ask that question to why anyone would want to join any translation team?
This is a silly question and it has no meaning. If it is because you
hate the Arabeyes project (for your own reasons, you are entitled to
them, so am I, eh?).. and you don't want to be a part of it, but you
want to translate for fedora... if that is the case, STATE it. In which
case, just like I told Groh, I would personally prefer if Arabeyes
withdraws completely from Fedora and wish you happy translating.

> So, to keep this discussion constructive, can we discuss
> here what are the requirment or the right way someone think
> the system should be ? I had hard time to get clear requirment
> or request. I only found hey this policy is no good, why
> this should be this way. It would be better to be hey
> why do not we have things this way. 

Perhaps you missed THIS part?

> > >
> > >Past experiences from projects such as KDE, GNOME, Mandrake, etc. should be a 
> > >good reference point to anyone outlining a localization policy for a project
> > >of the size of Fedora. Fedora's point of view is, if a team maintainer
> > >is needed, we can do that, as long as no one objects. However, it is not

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