Fedora and Translation Teams

Mohammed Elzubeir elzubeir at arabeyes.org
Sat Jun 26 19:53:12 UTC 2004

On Sat, Jun 26, 2004 at 10:09:08AM -0400, Alan Cox wrote:

> [..]
> -	Language teams have a habit of appearing *after* someone has
> 	done the first 99% of the translations

That may be the case -- but it hasn't been in our experience. When we
first took over the Fedora translation, we had a total of 5 translated
strings out of 10664 [1]. Today, we stand at 89% [2], with the disputed
dist.po being the only file that is not at 100%. I am not sure what has
been sync'ed back to Fedora's CVS so far, but we have obviously
suspended translations until we figure out where we stand.

> The second problem here is I suspect a cultural difference - while the
> Arabic translators may be used to trading essays with references a lot
> of Westerners tend not to bother to read long things but like concise short
> arguments. 

I usually write short to-the-point posts, but I felt it was necessary
to give a background to those who are not familiar with Arabeyes' work,
in order to be able to appreciate the magnitude of the issue (to us).

> Having read those long posts I do not see why the new translation tools
> are being blamed. They happened to come into existance at the same time
> as the problem but that is all. The underlying problem appears to be
> that there is a generally recognized project for Arabic translation and
> Fedora doesn't currently reflect that - or other similar situations where
> there is a clear project. 

Right on target. The system was misunderstood (apparently by more than
just us).

> [..]
> Is the real solution in the case of translations with an established
> team, actively translating Fedora simply to point all new signups
> for Arabic to the Arabeyes project ? Or are there groups of Arabic
> translators who have problems with the basis of Arabeyes ?

Another question would be, what can be done when there is another group of
translators objecting to the pre-existing one, which has been doing the
vast majority of the work? 

[1] http://www.arabeyes.org/~elzubeir/fedora_begin_status.html
[2] http://www.arabeyes.org/misc/fedora_status_bar.html

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