Fedora Arabic translation

Sherif Abdelgawad sabdelg at redhat.com
Sat Jun 26 21:55:16 UTC 2004

On Sat, 26 Jun 2004, Ossama Khayat wrote:

> Salam all,
> I'm a major contributor to the Arabeyes and Fedora translation projects. I've
> been
> happily working on these two - and other - projects without any issues.

I know you are, and I had a littel chat with you before as I remmber : )

> I was surprised feeling the possibility of dropping the project translation 
> because of some people objecting on the group's work, and not accepting Youcef
> to
> be the maintainer of the translation project. He always had the great spirit of
> the true supporter more than just a coordinator.

Speaking about myself where I belong to no groups : ) I explained my 
concerns, and I was surprised with the reaction and the way of replying
my emails where I had not start a fight : ) With the state we reached
of understanding each other and clearing the points I have no objection
on having the project assigned to Arabeyes.

> It's really unclear why those people object/reject Arabeyes work and/or to
> coordinate with it. We always had new comers and I never heard of someone who
> was
> rejected in anyway. 

For me I explained my concerns. Yet, for others I am not going to speak
on their behave, so as I said before, if no one else object, I myself
withdraw my objection, and have no problem contributing with Arabeyes
on the translation effort on any other efforts.

Hope this clear things.

Was nice to hear from you Osama .. 



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