Fedora and Translation Teams

Sherif Abdelgawad sabdelg at redhat.com
Sun Jun 27 05:23:18 UTC 2004

On Sun, 27 Jun 2004, Munzir Taha wrote:

> Sirs,
> we have a team that is willing to translate Fedora remaing file which 
> big. I just want to ask about the procedure and whehter you will release 
> me

Welcome Munzir to the list. I am glade I had the chance to 
chat with you on IRC, glade also that there is a deticated
team from KCAST (King AbdulAziz City for Science and Technology)
welling to contribute in Fedora. 

I belive this should be the second team after Arabeyes.
I am aware of a small team also would like to join.

As this is becoming more of how to organize work to
a specific Arabic translation, I would ask again Sarah
to get us separate list to sort out policies and start
putting tasks without flooding this mailing list with
arabic specific issues.

Arabeyes had 89% done. Only one file still to be translated.
I guess you mentioned you have team of 4 or 5 plus yourself,
one of them is the the maintainer of the KCAST fonts used
in fedora, so I guess it is good step to have you guys

Youcef is the person now assigned the module which need
to be translated. Youcef has mentioned that he will not
contiou translating till all the issues/requests are solved.
I guess if you are welling to work till this is done, 
you may request from Youcef to release the module for yourself.

For now you will need to setup account to do, do you have
one yet?

Sarah, when can we have fedora-trans-ar ?



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