Fedora and Translation Teams

Munzir Taha munzirtaha at newhorizons.com.sa
Sun Jun 27 15:08:14 UTC 2004

On Yaum al-Ahad 09 Jumaada al-Awal 1425 08:23 am, Sherif Abdelgawad wrote:

> Welcome Munzir to the list. I am glade I had the chance to
> chat with you on IRC,

me too.

> Arabeyes had 89% done. Only one file still to be translated.
> I guess you mentioned you have team of 4 or 5 plus yourself,
> one of them is the the maintainer of the KCAST fonts used
> in fedora, so I guess it is good step to have you guys
> contributing.

I am sure we can do a good translation to this file.

> Youcef is the person now assigned the module which need
> to be translated. Youcef has mentioned that he will not
> contiou translating till all the issues/requests are solved.
> I guess if you are welling to work till this is done,
> you may request from Youcef to release the module for yourself.

Yes, I am willing to take this file and finish it. Yousef, will you please 
release that file for us. Let us finish it and then we would discuss quality 
assurance issues together.

> For now you will need to setup account to do, do you have
> one yet?

I filled the form but haven't received a confirmation yet.

Also waiting for the fedora-trans-list confirmation.

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