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Mon Jun 28 07:40:37 UTC 2004

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I just want to recap and clear all the heat in
the previous emails, hoping to reach a point 
where everyone cool down and reach a working

Current Status:

- - Most of the Arabic translation almost done.
- - Arabeyes team to take credit for the translaiton.
- - New team from KCAST want to join.
- - Individuals from other Arabic LUGs want to join
- - Fedora Team still working on setting up team pages,
  current system allow maintainers for modules, and
  or large scale maintainer for certain lang. I belive
  the system should fit fine, yet it is open
  for suggesstion and request enhancement as needed.

I personally agree with what Alan mentioned that 
most of the translation teams usually appear when
all the work are done. I can see valid request from
Arabeyes to have maintainership on the arabic
translation. Also I can see the concerns which
the other groups have against arabeyes, and the
fear of control and forcing policies from 
Arabeyes, requesting to be part of arabeyes
or you can not contribute. Some ppl do not want to be 
part of Arabeyes yet they would like to contribute.

I would like to recommend something to solve
all this. No one can deny the effort done by
Arabeyes and it would be unfair not to grant
them the maintainer. Yet, I hope that feedback
from others and suggestion would be faced
by difficult attitude from Arabeyes. This
is one of the main issue I saw personally.

Quoting from Mohamed Elzubeir:

> - You have certain issues with the way Arabeyes handles 
>   things (so far Arabeyes officially has not done anything, 
>   so I'm not  sure what you are referring to -- but if 
>   you do have such  issues, we would be happy
>   to hear constructive criticism on the 'general' list).

That would not be only me. Munzir & Mohammed Desoky requested
more open and flexible attitude from Arabeyes. Not only
referring to what is currently Arabeyes doing on Fedora,
but overall as a policy. For example the attitude 
when discussing things, starting aggressively  defending,
sarcasm tone, ...etc. Not only what happened here
while discussing, but also from the link Munzir
pasted, it seems the default way to handle issues.

I think it worth listening and considering :)

After all we all are interested in Arabic being properly
supported and translated. It is good to have larger
group regardless if they want to work under Arabeyes
or outside. I hope you agree with me on this. 

So I would like to ask the other arabic groups
to team up with arabeyes, and work up something
which satisfy everyone, and get the work done. 

I belive we will need to review & QA the work
done already plus finishing up the last big file which
is not yet done.

Munzir, Mohamed Deskoy, Arabeyes & Other indiveduals
any suggestion on how to move from this point forward? 

Just keep in mind two things Arabeyes is well established
group who I belive should maintain. Yet, a littel
bit of change of how things handled and allow 
more freedome to others groups need to be clear
and granted from Arabeyes. Afterall we all working
on one target.

Any comments?



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