If there were translation teams...

Josep Puigdemont josep at imatge-sintetica.com
Tue Jun 29 00:24:35 UTC 2004


On dl, 2004-06-28 at 08:17, Bernd Groh wrote:
> Josep Puigdemont schrieb:
> >On Sat, 2004-06-26 at 08:16, Bernd Groh wrote:
> >>Josep,
> >>
> >>>If there were translation teams, and I was the coordinator of my team...
> >>>
> >>Isn't that the case? Do you want to be the maintainer of all modules for 
> >>catalan now or not? I haven't heard any objections, so it's yours for 
> >>the taking. :)
> >>    
> >>
> >
> >I wanted to ask the other Catalan translators who are not subscribed
> >here for comments, if they had any objections, etc, in our own mailing
> >list (fedora at softcatala dot org). Although I haven't done that yet, I
> >did apply as a maintainer for dist module (I was too lazy to go over all
> >modules and apply for each one of them).
> >
> Hmmm, I didn't get any request. :(
> I'll look into it.

I've sent you an email about this. I did the request the 26th of June,
but I'm not in a hurry about this, don't worry :)

> >>No, I didn't spot any flaws, a lot of your suggestions have already been 
> >>put in place with the new system. And that exactly is it what puzzles 
> >>me. Given you've just suggested a lot of things that we've just put in 
> >>place with the new status pages, why again is it that it is criticized 
> >>so much? Why even do people say it nullifies existing translation teams?
> >
> >Because they are not mentioned at all, nor they seem to be encouraged,
> >
> Well, they weren't mentioned before, and as I read it, was most of the 
> critique addressed particularly against the new status pages. Or was the 
> critique not addressed at the new status pages in particular, but "now" 
> or "new status pages" actually referred to "then" and "since the 
> beginning"? If that's the case, why not say so explicitly, why blame the 
> newest change? At least then I would have understood what you are on 
> about and could have simply agreed with you straight away.

For me it was not about the status pages, I was just worried about
consistency and not having teams. I obviously missled you if I made you
think otherwise. I think we agree in most of the thinks, though.

> >and because if I am a new translator I wouldn't know who to contact to
> >(GNOME tells me very clearly to check for my team's coordinator). I
> >don't think that what Christian meant was that teams can not be
> >implemented, I think he meant that teams are not needed at all, thus
> >will hardly be created, because you have to consider that translation
> >teams have lots of translators with the best intentions that get tired
> >too quickly (at least in my short experience).
> >
> Can you understand though, that it is hard for me to tell what is meant 
> if the new status pages are blamed in particular? I believe, that the 
> new status pages were simply a trigger, however, I am still not entirely 
> sure.

Neither am I at this point!! well, summer is here and it seems that the
waters are calm again, so I'm not going to "put more wood to the fire"
(as we say).

> >If the path you're going is the path we are going, maybe we should also
> >know what the future plans are, and the direction we're taking.
> >
> Of course, we want to get team pages up. And maybe that should be the 
> next step, together with creating mailing lists for the individual 
> languages. We all want that, Fedora wants that. Otherwise, I have to 

How would that work for already established teams that already have
mailing lists? Should they change to a Red Hat one? Would Fedora allow
having lists outside Fedora? (our current list is fedora at softcatala
dot org, which is open to everybody)

> continue with how *I*'d do things, and that is *not* to be taken as any 
> plans Fedora may have, it's what would happen if I had a say. I am not 
> going to deny someone cvs access unless I have a person that I can make 
> >>implemented with the new upgrade. I simply won't restrict anyone cvs 
> >>access until we're fully organized, that's all. :)
> >
> >Ok, why not speed it up a bit, then? How can we help?
> >
> >Seems to me that the crowds want teams. Then make a poll and check if
> >that is so, and if it is, let's try to organize teams... Make a call for
> >team building, or just look who's been committing for each language to
> >find out who could be a maintainer (ask them to be maintainers, as you
> >wanted us to ask translators to become part of our teams, I know you
> >already did), or who could be a member of a team... Look the headers of
> >the po files for email addresses of translators, see if they are
> >subscribed here, maybe you could invite them to (maybe thank them for
> >their work too)...
> >
> No poll required, I believe team pages are necessary. How you can help? 
> Well, maybe you can look at who's been commiting for each language and 

I'd gladly do that if it wasn't because I am on vacations on a remote
town without a regular Internet connection (I connect at night when my
GF is not looking, geeee! how was life before the Internet?! :)

> email me the list? :) Or, at least, and that's what everyone can help 
> with, see who's been committing for your language, ask them to join this 
> mailing list and speak up, and not just if things aren't the way they 
> want them to be. And, thank you!

I think I did that, but I'll tell them again.

> >I think that whatever the methodology/system for translations is going
> >to be, it should be discussed in this list. Like I think this new method
> >should have been discussed here too before being implemented. I mean, it
> >is us (translators should be subscribed here) to whom it affect, and yet
> >we didn't know about it until it appeared (at least I didn't).
> >
> Sounds reasonable. The participants of the individual mailing list will 

What are those individual mailing lists, anyway?

> then have to post every system related issue that comes up also to this 
> list though, since I couldn't do it, even if I wanted too. :) Maybe you 
> can ask them to post all system related requests to this list? Thank you!

No need to cross post anything, from Fedora's web site:
"The place to discuss general translation issues is fedora-trans-list."
So let be it :)

I can't be subscribed to all mailing lists to see what's going to happen
with Fedora's translation system.

> I'll keep you up to date.



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