username/password for web access...

Jamil Ahmed jam at
Tue Jun 29 05:08:18 UTC 2004

    I didn't get any email...Pls send it again ...
I guess you have sent it to my old email address which is dead now.
jamil at
Currently I am using jam at or jamil at

btw, why can't I update thru CVS? I am maintaining Bengali/Bangla
translation from the beginning.


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> Jamil,
> you should receive an email shortly, if you don't, please let me know.
> Bernd
> Jamil Ahmed schrieb:
> >Hello,
> >        What will be the user/pass for taking the available file from
> >I have tried with my cvs user/pass.. but it doesn't work.
> >        What should be done?
> >Username of my cvs account is, jamil
> >
> >Thanks,
> >`Jamil

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