a question regarding cvs commit

Munzir Taha munzirtaha at newhorizons.com.sa
Tue Jun 29 17:27:45 UTC 2004

I am about to commit the dist.po file after translating part of it to Arabic. 
since this is my first commit and I think I am missing something.

$ cvs commit specspo/ar.po
cvs commit: use `cvs add' to create an entry for specspo/ar.po
cvs [commit aborted]: correct above errors first!

I thought this may be because the file is taken (removed?) by me,

$ cvs -z9 co specspo/ar.po
Enter passphrase for key '/home/munzir/.ssh/id_dsa':
cvs server: warning: new-born specspo/ar.po has disappeared

The above message gave me that impression, so I released it first and tried 
again but the same message. Is it necessary to do cvs add first? I don't want 
to mess things up so I decided to ask first.

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