consistency between .po and .pot files

Sarah Wang sarahs at
Thu Feb 17 03:12:35 UTC 2005


As many of you mentioned before that the total number of entries varied
a great deal across all locales. The reason was the po files were not
kept consistent against corresponding pot files. I'm trying to find a
solution to maintain the consistency. Here are some options:

a. Let each package maintainer perform "msgmerge" whenever pot file is

b. I set up a cron job to "msgmerge" all locales and all packages
(nightly or weekly)

c. Each locale coordinator to ensure all packages in that locale is
consistent and up to date

d. Each translator to perform "msgmerge" prior translation

Personally I prefer option b, because I can ensure all updates will be
performed. The downside of it is the possible file conflicts. However,
if we agree upon a specific time to perform this update, and we all try
to avoid this time to commit works, most conflicts can be avoided.

Please let me know which option you prefer.


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