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Tue Feb 22 11:29:17 UTC 2005


I'm going through anaconda l10n and I assume that this message is a
configuration setting for LTR vs RTL languages?

In anaconda.pot

#: ../
msgid "default:LTR"
msgstr ""

If it is it would be nice if this was commented in the PO file.  This
bug relates
but did not understand the issue from the l10n point of view.  Can I
reopen this bug?

Also if this is indeed a configuration setting then most languages are
wrong.  I assume that we default to LTR.  But in Arabic this has been
translated as:

ar.po:#: ../
ar.po-msgid "default:LTR"
ar.po-msgstr "افتراض: من اليسار إلى اليمين (LTR)"

When I guess it should be "default:RTL"

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