Enabling a language (Zulu, Afrikaans, Northern Sotho)

Dwayne Bailey dwayne at translate.org.za
Wed Feb 23 09:28:07 UTC 2005

I've completed Afrikaans and Northern Sotho essential packages.  NSO is
in CVS, AF I'm just waiting for CVS enabling, Zulu (ZU) has been in for
a while but I'm just checking everything again.

What other things do I need to do to enable these languages?

o Both are now in gdm2 list of languages for Gnome 2.8.  I had problems
with Zulu in that area before.

o All have locale files either in glibc or in bugzilla for glibc

Not sure how to get this applied :(

o Patches against XFree and Xorg have been submitted to enable those
locales.  XFree is applied Xorg is not.


Any ideas about how to get this applied?

o Both are in Mozilla and both are in OOo. Fedora OOo 1.1.3 already
contains Afrikaans and Northern Sotho.  I have not checked Mozilla but
we will have Firefox in a few days for Afrikaans.  Anything special
needed here from the Fedora side?

Anything else specific to Fedora?  Magic, chants, peoples buttons to
push, etc :).  Thanks

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